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Welcome to Loaf and Puddle

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 Erin DeMoss, owner of Loaf and Puddle Design Studio.

Welcome to Loaf and Puddle, a stationery design studio for the bad ass who loves snail mail. 

I'm Erin DeMoss, the designer and owner behind Loaf and Puddle Design Studio. I have been working in graphic design for six years and throughout that time, one common thread has existed, there has always been a boss. Even in my freelance work, though my clients are amazing, there has always been someone else guiding the design work in a small way.

Don't get me wrong, all of this is fine. It is the nature of having a full time job in a creative industry and I wouldn't be the designer I am without these opportunities, but I need something that is just mine. Loaf and Puddle is where I create what I want. Sure there will be ongoing style and themes but here, I'm the boss!

I love designing bold patterns that pair black and white with neutrals and neons. When I began thinking about Loaf and Puddle, I saw a market for stationery that spoke to someone who loves to send personal notes but doesn't love pastels. This person wants something a little edgier and a little bolder. 

The shop will be launching soon so keep up here or sign up below for the Loaf and Puddle Design Notes newsletter. You can also click here to learn a little more about Loaf and Puddle.