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Good Vibes Mostly

Good Vibes MostlyErin DeMossComment

Wow, it has been a very long time since I've blogged here. I'm going to be honest, I'm not very good at blogging. It's taken me a while to figure out what I want to say here. I guess I don't want it to be a dump for meaningless SEO friendly stuff. I'm still not entirely sure what I'll write about but today I wanted to talk about Good Vibes Mostly. 

When I first began designing things for Loaf and Puddle the Good Vibes Only stuff was everywhere. It was on mugs and t-shirts and in the caption of every yoga Instagram post I saw. As someone who deals with depression and mental illness, it was frustrating. I don't always have good vibes. It's not that I don't think a positive attitude is helpful, it is, but expecting things to be good all the time is unrealistic for me. 

Good Vibes Mostly is about making space for the darkness and moving through it to the light. That sounds super woo woo but that's really what it's about for me. Life is a balance of good and bad, dark and light, and there are plenty of shades of grey in between. I do my best to stay positive but when I feel less than sunny I let myself feel it and know that it will pass eventually. 

I hope Good Vibes Mostly ethos is helpful for others who feel the same way.