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Loaf and Puddle Steps to Launch | Mood Board

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 Loaf and Puddle Design Studio | Steps to Launch Mood Board
 Loaf and Puddle Design Studio | Brand Moodboard

Branding for myself is always the hardest thing I do as a designer. It’s so much fun to come up with great ideas to fit clients. Even though everyone is unique, I can usually see the surface of what they want. When designing for myself, I have to filter out all the stuff that hangs out in my head. 

When I was designing the mood board for Loaf and Puddle my main goal was to find images that represented me easily. If I’m going to “live my brand” I want it to be effortless. I wear a lot of black, grey, and neutrals but I also like to add a neon every now and then. That color palette, mixed with the idea that Loaf and Puddle is meant to be super bad ass and edgy lead me to this mood board.

Mood boards are fun to make but when you compile tons of images, it can be difficult to narrow them down. I went through many images and parred it down to the ones that truly represented me. If it was a pattern, did I like that pattern, If it was an outfit, would I really wear that? Would I put that piece of art in my home. 

I wanted to be as intentional as possible with this branding. I always fly by the seat of my pants with my own branding and I think that’s why I’ve never felt a true connection to it. This mood board really feels like me.