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Free Shit Friday | Take Your Meds Wallpaper

Free Shit FridayErin DeMossComment
 Take your meds phone wallpaper

I find setting alarms for anything other than waking up to be super annoying. Probably because I hate most phone notifications. I know a lot of people who use alarms to remember to take medications and I thought maybe a cute lock screen would be for fun. 

Sure it's not for everyone but for all my medicated babes out there who want a cuter reminder for self care, I made a little phone wallpaper just for you. Just save the image to your phone and set it as your wallpaper. I hope you like it. Happy Friday, babes!

Good Vibes Mostly

Good Vibes MostlyErin DeMossComment

Wow, it has been a very long time since I've blogged here. I'm going to be honest, I'm not very good at blogging. It's taken me a while to figure out what I want to say here. I guess I don't want it to be a dump for meaningless SEO friendly stuff. I'm still not entirely sure what I'll write about but today I wanted to talk about Good Vibes Mostly. 

When I first began designing things for Loaf and Puddle the Good Vibes Only stuff was everywhere. It was on mugs and t-shirts and in the caption of every yoga Instagram post I saw. As someone who deals with depression and mental illness, it was frustrating. I don't always have good vibes. It's not that I don't think a positive attitude is helpful, it is, but expecting things to be good all the time is unrealistic for me. 

Good Vibes Mostly is about making space for the darkness and moving through it to the light. That sounds super woo woo but that's really what it's about for me. Life is a balance of good and bad, dark and light, and there are plenty of shades of grey in between. I do my best to stay positive but when I feel less than sunny I let myself feel it and know that it will pass eventually. 

I hope Good Vibes Mostly ethos is helpful for others who feel the same way. 

Free Shit Friday | April Desktop Calendar

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 Loaf and Puddle Design Studio | Free Shit Friday Keep your desktop clean, organized, and looking good with this April calendar desktop. 

Sometimes I like to create random patterns and designs that really won't ever end up on cards. So what do I do with them? I'm going to give them to you! Free Shit Fridays might not happen every Friday but they will happen. 

 Loaf and Puddle April Desktop Background

For the first one I've created a super clean desktop background for April. It's similar to the printable card I sent out in my newsletter this week. If you want to get free printable cards, you should sign up!

You can click here to download your desktop. Feel free to share it with friends and I hope April is good to you!

Loaf and Puddle Launch Day!

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 Loaf and Puddle Design Studio is a stationery and greeting card shop that specializes in bold patterns and illustrations with a pop of color. 

Happy launch day, everyone! Loaf and Puddle is finally here. I've been planning and designing and ordering and packaging all for this day. 
You can get to the shop by clicking the link above OR you can just click this handy button I've made for you. 

 loaf and puddle design studio note card set

I hope you enjoy the shop. I'll be adding new items over the next week. Including Mother's Day, Father's Day and birthday cards. If you want to get updates before anyone else, Sign up for the Loaf and Puddle Design Notes newsletter. I'll be giving previews of new cards and sending out coupon codes and free printables.

Loaf and Puddle Launch Checklist: Business Plan

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 Loaf and Puddle Design Studio | Steps To Launch | Business Plan

When I decided to start Loaf and Puddle I wanted to be very intentional about everything. Like I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t want to fly by the seat of my pants. Part of that planning process included writing an actual business plan. I'll be honest, I was intimidated as hell to do that because I had never written a business plan before and didn’t even really know what I was supposed to write. What I did know was that there were a million blogs out there that give great advice so I turned to my trusty friend Pinterest and looked up “business plans for creatives.”

I took the two that looked the most interesting and comprehensive to me and melded them together to make my own business plan. One was from Chayla Charlise. I loved that she included things like pinpointing your ideal client and taking a look at what others in your field are doing successfully. 
The other template I used was from The Everygirl. This one was a little more "get down to business." it dealt a lot with the financial and marketing side of business. It helped me nail down what I would do to promote Loaf and Puddle and how I would fund it. 

I won’t bore you with the entire thing but my favorite part of the Loaf and Puddle business plan was the mission statement:
Loaf and Puddle is a stationery and design studio that creates edgy, eco conscious stationery and greeting cards. I use bold patterns, pops of color and snarky messaging to add humor and beautiful design to the lives of patrons. My dream patron is someone who loves snail mail but needs something a little more bad ass to put a stamp on. While quality design is the first goal, I also want to be mindful of the impact Loaf and Puddle has on the environment. Whenever possible Loaf and Puddle uses 100% recycled paper products for printing and shipping. 

Having the business plan in place really helped me have a more solid idea of my goals for Loaf and Puddle and how I would achieve them. Have you ever written a business plan? What did you include?