Loaf and Puddle

 Erin demoss, owner of loaf and puddle design studio. a creative studio for the bad ass who loves snail mail.

Loaf and Puddle is a design studio that uses bold type and a lot of snark to create greeting cards and stationery for the bad ass who loves snail mail.

I'm Erin DeMoss, owner and designer behind Loaf and Puddle Design Studio. Loaf and Puddle is my creative outlet for getting all the fun designs in my head onto paper. 

As a life long cat lady, when I was choosing the name for this creative venture I kept trying to work in a reference to my two cats. One day my boyfriend suggested I use the nicknames we call them. One cat likes to sit like a little loaf of bread and the other spreads himself out on the floor like a cat puddle. BOOM! Loaf and Puddle! 

In addition to creating the best stationery I can, I'm also concerned with the way a career in paper affects the environment. I use recycled materials as often as possible and I encourage customers to recycle whatever packaging they can.